20 Ways to Save For Travel

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One of the biggest things that keeps people from traveling is money. We all come from different walks of life, with bills to pay and let’s face it, sometimes things happen that makes it seem like travel is just out of reach (thank you student loans). Don’t give up so quickly! There are little things anyone can start doing each and every day to save. Even if it’s just a few dollars a day, you’re doing something to make your dreams happen and girl, you should be proud!

I get it, the struggle to save is real, but here are 20 ways you can use to save money for travel.

1.Cook at Home

If you added up all the meals you ate out, you would be shocked at the amount of money you spent.  Eating your lunch out every day doesn’t seem like a big deal by itself, but if you add up $10 a day 5 days a week that’s 200 a month!

2.Stop Impulse Buying

We all do it. I’m guilty as well! You’re walking through the mall and see a cute outfit you absolutely need so you buy it. Did you really need it? How many times a month does this happen?

3.Set a Budget

We all have spending that we can’t avoid; rent, bills, student loans. Add these up and see how much you acctually need to spend each month, then create a budget and stick to it! In an age of tap and go, it’s so easy to spend just a few dollars here and there, but it adds up.

4.Set Aside a Set Amount Each Month

How can you save without putting money aside? Even if the goal is just $5 a month, set it somewhere else where you won’t be tempted to spend it.

5.Pay Off Credit Cards in Full

This is a big one! Paying the minimum amount might feel better at the moment, but with interest rates you’ll end up paying way more than your items acctually cost.

6.Buy Things on Sale

I am a huge thrift girl! I love finding things on sale and wading through bins and racks to find the perfect half price item. Just be careful that this is for items you need or have budgeted for, or else it’s impulsive spending.

7.Cut Your Cellphone Bill

Do you really need those 5 G of data? How about those international minutes when you only call local?

8.Stop Upgrading

So many people upgrade to the latest phones, tablets or computers when the one they have work perfectly fine. If you need a new one, that’s completely different, but if you’re buying simply because the latest version just came out then that’s money that could be spent on travel.

9.Get Rid of Unnecessary Payments

So many of us are paying for things we really don’t use. Do you really need to have cable when you watch everything on Netflix? Is your bank charging outrageous user fees?

10.Buy Off Brand

I love some Kate Spade as much as the next girl (when it’s on sale, who am I kidding), but not everything needs to be a brand name. Quite often you can find items that look extremely similar in an off brand store for a fraction of the price. Just because something is more money, doesn’t always mean it’s better.

11.Find Other Avenues of Income

Whether it’s a weekend nanny job or ad revenue from a blog, any added money is extra money you can put towards your travels

12. Go To The Library

Books, movies and even musical instruments can be borrowed from your local library. Save money by borrowing instead of buying.

13.Make Use of Free Activities

Free night at the botanical gardens

Find free things to do. Many museums and galleries have free nights, go for hikes or check out free festivals in your area.

14.Use a Seperate Bank Account

Having money in your account can be tempting. I have a separate travel account that I never touch until I’m buying my plane tickets. This keeps my daily money separate and ensures that I have dedicated money that I don’t feel guilty about spending on travel.

15.Sell What You Don’t Need

My dad has been a kijiji king lately! By selling old things that he was just going to throw out anyways, he’s almost made enough money for his next trip.

16.Buy Seasonal Food

I know you might be craving those fresh berries in December, but you’re going to pay a high price for them. Try buying seasonal to ensure that you’re getting fresh, local and cheaper.

17. Save Your Change

When you break a bill, try saving the extra change. It sounds crazy, but it works! It’s money that you don’t really miss, but it adds up.  I once paid for a flight completely in change that I had saved.

18. Ask For Practical Items as Gifts

When I’m trying to save money, I ask for birthday or Christmas gifts that I really need rather than what I want.  This saves me from having to buy it myself so that I can focus on plane tickets.

19. Live Below Your Means

This is a big  one.  It might feel nice in the moment having that big apartment or fancy new shoes, but living below your means ensure that you’re always saving a little each month.

20. Make Your Own Coffee

I put this one last because this is one I am 100% guilty of avoiding at all costs. My caffeine addiction is at an all time high and I seriously love trying new brews.  $5 coffees a day adds up to 80$ a month!

Have your money all saved and your ready to go? Check out how I find cheap flights next. 

What are some ways that you save for travel?  Comment below!

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  1. You have some great ideas here. I save toonies. When I get one in my change I throw it in a jar. They add up quickly.