5 Cafes in Ottawa You Need to Try This Weekend

I’m always looking for the next amazing place to have a great coffee. There’s nothing I love more than soaking up the atmosphere in a cafe, sipping on something with an extreme amount of caffeine, so I’m thrilled that the number of unique, locally owned Cafe’s in Ottawa has skyrocketed lately.


Here are 5 Cafe’s  in Ottawa you need to try this weekend.


1)Arlington Five

This Cafe is one of my favourites in Ottawa. Their impressive coffee selection and house made treats, combined with vintage design touches keeps me coming back time after time.

2) Origin Coffee

The steampunk decor and oversized leather armchairs makes for the perfect atmosphere whether you’re looking for a morning brew or an evening glass of wine.

3)Oat Couture

I love a good play on words, but the escalated oats served at this bright and airy Cafe are no joke. The comfy swings make for the perfect perch for a coffee or a snack.


4)Thimble Cakes

This cafe/bakery is the epitome of  cuteness. Antique chairs and love seats sit unimposingly around small white tables, their reflections just out of view to the large mirror lined walls behind.

Jars of colourful candy are stacked delicately along white bookshelves, their backs plastered with pages of literary classics.

The crooning of vintage songstress (think Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James) add to the happy mixture of olden day charm and contemporary trendy touches.

While twinkle lights and friendly staff make for a cozier, elegant atmosphere, which is good because drooling at the selection of impressively decorated cakes, cupcakes and coconut ice cream was not my classiest moment.

They offer choices for many dietary restrictions including gluten and dairy free without sacrificing any flavour. I’ve had way too many scoops of their count ice cream and raspberry citrus cupcakes without any regrets.

5) Planet Coffee

This is one of my favourite places to caffeine up in the  warmer summer months.  For the cost of a coffee you can enjoy the flower clad outdoor patio at a much cheaper price than the surrounding courtyard resteraunts. They only accept cash, but there is an ATM on site.


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