5 Essential In-Flight Beauty Products Under $50

We all know that as much as we love travel, long flights take a toll on our skin, hair and overall health.  I arrive to so many countries looking like an extra on a zombie movie (Please tell me I’m not the only one). I am somewhat surprised that border control ever lets me in.  There have been a few products that seem to make me more presentable and now I never fly without them.

This is not a paid post, I just genuinely love these products and wanted to share what works for me.

1) Claudalie Beauty Elixir

I can’t say enough good things about this product. My skin tends to dry out when I travel and starts to look really dull, so I had been looking for a face spray to add some moisture. Not only does my skin feel more hydrated, but I also notice a healthier glow. The smell hints of mint, which also has the extra bonus of waking me up and fighting the jet lag. Go for the travel size, it’s cheaper and carry on friendly.

2) Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse

This Is my all time favourite daytime moisturizer. I find it has the longest lasting effects, without reacting badly with my sensitive skin.  I also feel good about the  stress and pollutant fighting antioxidants it boasts.

3) Bobbi Brown Beauty Balm

I love beauty products that can multitask when I travel because it saves on space and weight, not to mention time in the mornings. Skin saving SPF is a must on any trip. It helps to protect from harmful UV rays and keeps skin looking healthy.  With SPF 35 in this tinted cream,  the triple threat action works as a foundation, moisturizer and primer.  The only downside is that there isn’t a big variety of colours as it only comes in ” light” and ” dark”, which can be very limiting for the wide variety of beautiful skin colours out there.

4) The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patches

I am obsessed with these! Along with the budget friendly price (a pack of two costs $4), they work better than any eye mask I have ever used. The skin under my eyes always feel cool and maybe it’s in my head, but my skin does seem more plump afterwards. With all that extra time spent in the air, flying is the perfect time to use a face mask. These have the extra bonus of being relatively transparent (creating less of a scare for the people sitting next to me) and the clear residue doesn’t need to be washed off afterwards.

5) NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick

Again, another product that can double as both a highlighter and blush.  Another bonus is that it is easy to apply on the go, rather than having to balance a brush, blush and mirror on a cramped plane.

Have any products that work wonders for you? Share your favourites below!

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