8 Movies That Will Inspire You To Visit Paris

When planning a trip, I become completely consumed in the places I’m about to visit, and that’s half of the fun!  So, with my next trip to Paris rapidly approaching, I have been completely immersing myself in everything Parisian.  This has lead me down a dark tunnel of endless  Paris fuelled movie binges, but I’ve finally narrowed down the top 8 that will make you want to hop on a plane for France today.

Here are 8 movies that will inspire you to visit 

1) Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen’s colourful film follows Owen Wilson back and forth in time from modern day Paris to the 1920’s as he encounters famous authors such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald.  Not only will the impressive shots of famous landmarks inspire your wanderlust, but this is a great introduction to the  history of the ”  lost generation.”

2) Amelie

Follow quirky Amelie through Paris as she tries to change the world around her by doing good deeds. This artistically shot movie will leave you feeling light, uplifted and ready to hop on a plane.

3) Julie/ Julia

This movie follows both Julia, played by Amy Adams, who is a modern American blogger trying to work her way through Julia Child’s recipes and  an always impressive  Meryl Streep as Julie child’s herself.  Although only half the movie is set in Paris, the food market and cooking classes Meryl Streep experiences is every Foodie’s Parisian dream.

4) Charade

As a huge Audrey Hepburn fan I had to include one of hers on the list!   Regina Lampert ( Hepburn) falls for a man while on a ski vacation. After finding her husband murdered when she returns home, they embark on a series of missions to track down associates of her deceased husband through the streets of Paris to find his killer.

5) Ratatoutille

Adorable top chef rat in a five star Paris restaurant, what’s not to love? La Tour D’argent (the restaurant that inspired the movie) can be visited for an expensive, yet delicious experience.

6) Moulin Rouge

A romanticized  and theatrical look inside the famous dance hall. Nicole Kidman, a singer at the Moulin Rouge, begins a  secret love affair with Ewan McGreggor even though she has been promised to a wealthy duke by her manager. The 1899 era in Paris is enticing and who doesn’t love a good love story?

7) Before Sunset

The sequel to Before Sunrise. 9 Years after 2 strangers meet on a train they end up meeting again by chance and spend the day together in Paris.  The movie has beautiful shots of the city and if you’ve seen the first one, we were dying to see if these two love birds would meet again!

8) Le Divorce

Kate Hudson, an American visiting her  recently separated sister in Paris, is asked by the man she is dating to be his mistress.  Although the movie itself wasn’t award winning by any means, there is a real French feel to it as it explores the clashes in customs and culture between France and America.

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