8 Reasons Why Portugal Should be on Your 2019 Bucketlist

A view of the stone rooftops of Lisbon with a palm tree to the right and the ocean in the background

Portugal is no longer the overlooked  “cousin” of Spain it once was. It is finally being recognized as a travel destination worthy in its own right, rather than an after thought to be tacked onto visits to neighbouring countries.

From world class beaches to historic monastery’s and exploration history, Portugal has much more to offer than a few extra days can allow.

Colourful buildings in Portugal show Why you should add Portugal to your 2019 bucket list by coffee and a view

It’s Cheap

While Lisbon is getting slightly more expensive with popularity, it’s still far less expensive than most other European capitals. If you decide to leave the city and explore the countryside prices are even cheaper!

World Class Beaches

Portugal has some of the best beaches in the world. Although they are scattered along the coast, head to the Algarve for spectacular sun, surf and sand. Not to mention spectacular beach cave formations!

Unique Culture

The culture in Portugal is like no other. As Europe’s oldest nation spanning centuries and dynasties, it’s no wonder its culture has evolved into such an eclectic mix of wonderful food, art and customs.

Beautiful Landscapes

Portugal is a country ripe with beautiful views. From the clay roofs of Lisbon to the sunny beaches of the Algarve, Portugal will keep you busy snapping photo after photo.


This soulful local folk music is worth travelling for. Find a small bar and listen to a single signer croon the night away accompanied by a Spanish style guitar.

Delicious Desserts

3 words. Pastel De Nata. Although this creamy egg tart is melt in your mouth delicious, it’s by no means the only dessert Portugal has to offer. Stop into any bakery for a flaky, delicious treat.

Not Overrun by Tourists

Although Lisbon has had a recent influx in tourists, the rest of Portugal, especially more rural areas are pretty sleepy in the best possible way. Take advantage of exploring a country where you truly feel like a local.

Lisbon is the Sunniest Capital in Europe

You don’t need to head to the Carribean for a little sun. With 290 sunny days a year, Lisbon has the best of both worlds: a hot winter break and a cultural hub.

A girl walking down a picturesque street in Lisbon shows why Portugal should be on your 2019 bucket list by coffee and a view

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