A Coffee Guide to Spain

Cafe Con Leche in Spain from Coffee and a view

Spain loves their coffee, which means you can get an amazing cup just about anywhere. Like ordering anything when traveling, getting used to local favourites and new tastes can be a challenge, but combine that with trying to order in a language that you don’t speak fluently and you might be looking at some serious caffeine withdrawal.

Don’t panic! You won’t have to stop your morning habit just yet, especially in the land of amazing breakfast brews.

Here’s my coffee guide to Spain:

What to Order

Cafe /Americano : a strong cup of coffee

Cafe Solo : a black espresso

Cafe Con leche :Coffee with milk, similar to a latte

Cafe  Manchada :hot milk with only a slight flavour of coffee. Perfect for those who are just getting into coffee or don’t want too much caffeine.

Cortado: an espresso topped with hot, foamy milk.

Cafe Con Hielo : Spain’s answer to iced coffee. Literally a coffee and a cup of ice.

Coffee in Spain from coffee and a view How to Order

Keep it simple! With all the long polite phrases I memorized before going, the same as any busy place, most people just wanted my order as fast as possible.

Try this:

Un ( or dos, tres depending on how many) coffee order here, por favore.

Coffee in Spain by coffee and a view

What to Expect

  • Like most European countries, the coffee is espresso based and strong
  • The milk in Spain goes through a different preservation process and tastes a little different than North American milk. Not bad, just different.
  • Sugar isn’t always given and you may need to ask for it if you want it.  Ask for “Azucar.”
  • Spain is hot! Combine that with a diuretic like coffee and it could lead to dangerous dehydration. Be sure to pair your coffee with a glass of water.

Looking for things to do in Spain once you’ve had all the coffee you can handle? Check out my guide to Seville.



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