Hi, I’m Rebecca! Travel has been a huge part of my life since childhood but it wasn’t until recently when I returned to Canada after my first long term solo adventure that I decided to make a conscious effort to make travel a more consistent love in my life.  Not only do I hope to inspire my fellow female travel lovers to embark on their own amazing adventures, but I also want to create a supportive community of strength and sisterhood. Join me on my journeys as I taste, smell and explore all that our planet has to offer.

Why Coffee and a View?

My favourite thing to do in a new place is to find a local coffee shop.  After ordering whatever caffeinated beverage the locals are sipping, I find the best seat in the house and watch the hustle and bustle of my new temporary home as the world wakes up around me. Is there anything better than a good cup of local coffee and a new, indescribable view?

Work with me

I love creative collaboration! If you are interested in working with me, please send an email to rebecca@coffeeandaview.com

I love meeting new people and hearing about all the adventures that I can! Introduce yourself in the comments below or shoot me an email for questions, advice or just to say hi to a new friend.


Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are solely my own and are based on my own personal experiences. Ideas expressed are meant as general information and not as professional advice.

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