two women wait with their baggage at a European train station

Taking the Train in Europe

Train travel is a slow, romantic sort of travel that’s making a big comeback. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to travel through Europe! If you’re planning on travelling between neighbouring countries or

a blonde girl in a straw hat and white dress snaps a photo of the cobble stoned street and colourful houses of funchal

How to Prepare for Your First Solo Trip

So, you’ve decided to plan your first solo trip. You’re excited and nervous. People might be sharing their horror stories or their amazing, life-changing experiences and you’re getting a little overwhelmed. Where do you even

a tablet sits open to google flights with the backdrop of a coffee shop

How To Find Cheap Flights

Unless you’re planning on staying close to home, you’re most likely going to have to fly at some point and expensive flights take a toll on our travel budgets. By planning ahead and using some