Finding the Best Churros in Seville

The best Churros in Seville by coffee and a view

I first heard whispers of the best Churro’s in Seville at my boutique hotel over breakfast on our rooftop overlooking the Cathedral. An older couple at the next table was raving in almost reverend tones about the tasty deep fried sticks they had eaten the day before.

Churros had been on my Spanish food bucket list ever since I started planning my trip and to hear rumours of the best ones in town was like overhearing that there was a secret map to the holy grail.

I pulled out my phone and a quick Google search named Bar El Comercio as a favourite spot for locals to get their fill of this sweet treat.

The next morning I set out, boyfriend in tow, winding under tapestry lined streets, past shops boasting colourful fans and dresses to find the best Churros in Seville.

I could smell them before I even stepped inside. The sweet sugary smell of the pastry called to me down cobblestone streets leading my way to the unassuming front of Bar El Comercio.

Where to find the best Churros in Seville by coffee and a view

A small white sign with the word ‘ Churros’ hanging from the side of the bar front sits above a silver tray on a stool in the street. This small gesture is the only signal to passers-by that they are in the right place, an innocent tourist might accidentally walk past without stepping inside. This is a place for locals, where you need to know it’s here to find its treasures.

Once inside, the hustle of a popular local breakfast spot is apparent. Locals stand at the bar or sit at small back tables if they have time to spare, but finding an empty space is a challenge.

I belly up to the bar and order the best I can in my less than perfect Spanish. Two Cafe Con Leche’s and an order of Churros Con Chocolate to share. Before the order had fully escaped my mouth, a small cup of steaming chocolate appeared and the man behind the counter indicated that I should come back for the rest when I saw it appear.

Bar el commercial Churros coffee and a view

We wound our way past blue and white patterned tile walls and prints of vintage Bullfighting posters to the back of the bar to find an empty seat. Luckily, one opened up as we appeared and scooped it up.

A few minutes later our Churros arrived, the reason for my morning adventure, and it was worth every step. I tore off a piece of the deep-fried dough and dipped it into the melted chocolate. The ideal combination of crisp and soft dough mixed with the chocolate added a perfect sweetness without being overwhelming. I didn’t have any doubt that Bar el Commercio lived up to its reputation of having the best Churros in Seville.

The best Churros in Seville by coffee and a view

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