Bucket List Experience: The Afternoon Tea Bus in London

The Company:

We took our tour with B Bakery and absolutely loved it! The vibe was modern glam, mixing with traditional English in the most fabulous way.  Cute, feminine touches are added in the smallest details that made it feel like Sex and the City had crossed into the world of Downton Abbey.

The Cost:

Prices start at 45 pounds and ranges depending on the style of tea you order, the seat you choose and add ons such as a glass of bubbly .

Helpful Hint: If you are flying solo or with one other person, it’s worth the extra cost to get the front seat on the upper deck.

The Food:

There are options for every taste and food restriction.  Traditional, vegetation, vegan, halal, and gluten free choices are available. I chose the traditional, which was fantastic!

A selection of finger sandwiches and sweet treats were followed by a traditional scone served with jam and clotted cream.  A variety of  hot beverages were available, but when in London I feel like tea is mandatory, especially on a tea bus!

The Experience:

A 1960’s era double decker bus pulled up in front of busy Victoria station and a blonde, clip board toting woman bounced down the steps and through the sliding doors.

” Afternoon tea bus tour,” she called over the buzzing chatter. ” Follow me!”

We had signed up for an afternoon tour on the B Bakery bus. A Vintage bus that serves high tea with a twist on route. I mean, does it get any better than that?

The blonde woman checked us in with a satisfying flick of her pen across the clip board and we were on our way. We followed her to the gleaming red bus that stood out amongst the typical grey monotony of the other vehicles and climbed the steps to our seat.

I had booked the top, front window seat to make sure we had the absolute best views. I had been dreaming of this day for weeks and didn’t want to miss a thing!

The table was already set with the classic tea treats that I had ordered. A selection of finger sandwiches and treats lined the trays of a two tiered cake tray with silverware and colourful China plates in perfect placing in front.

We were offered a choice of bevereges including hot chocolate and coffee for the non tea drinkers, but on a tea bus only a classic English breakfast would do for me.

Sipping and snacking as we drove past iconic sights such as London bridge, Albert Hall and Parliament, Beatles songs and Spice Girls were interrupted only briefly by sections of a peppy prerecorded tour voice.

Overal, a fantastic afternoon that felt oh so trendy trendy, classy and deliciously British.


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