How To Find Cheap Flights

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Unless you’re planning on staying close to home, you’re most likely going to have to fly at some point and expensive flights take a toll on our travel budgets. By planning ahead and using some simple tricks you can make your hard earned money go further. Hello extra cappuccinos!

Here’s how to find cheap flights:

Use Multiple Sites

Different sites offer different sales, routes, and most importantly, prices. You wouldn’t buy a car without shopping around, why should you with a flight?

Download A Price Comparison App

Many apps now do the work for you by comparing cost, length of flight and layovers of multiple airlines. My favourites are Google Flights 
and Skyscanner. I use these to check prices, but then book directly through the airline so that I can make changes if I need to.

Set An Alert

Don’t let a price change pass you by again! Websites and apps let you set an alert to let you know as soon as a price drops.

Book Midweek

Airlines are smart. They know that most people book early or late in the week for the weekend ahead and prices suddenly skyrocket. Work around this by booking on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Book During the Day

Just as the airlines know about the weekend buying trends, they know that people are more likely to buy before or after work. Try buying tickets in the middle of the day when less flights are purchased.

Use The Local Website

People living in a local area that are used to traveling for business are going to know what a reasonable price is to fly in their area, whereas a tourist won’t. Airlines often take advantage by raising prices for forgien currencies. Get around this buy using the local version of whatever airline you are looking at.

Clear Your Browsing History

I know that you havn’t been looking at anything you wouldn’t want mom to see, but girl, you need to clear that history! Airline companies track the destinations you’re looking at and suddenly prices seem to soar when you’ve been back to check a few times. Out smart the cookies by starting fresh each time.

Brave A Budget Airline

Many budget airlines are surfacing that offer incredibly cheap prices. However, you get what you pay for. This low price come with less included services. Be sure to check for luggage and other extra cost before booking. Although many flights are cheaper, with these added costs it might end up being around the same for a non budget airline.

Travel Off Season

Summer and holidays are big travel times and the airlines know it. Prices soar during these busy times, so if you can, try to fly during a less popular time.

Be Ready to Book

Flight prices change as quickly as the weather, so if you see a good  price jump on it!

Look For Seat Sales

Cyber Monday and other shopping holidays have emerged that have started a trend of short online sales. Be aware of prices before the sales so you know if it really is a deal, or if they are just advertising it to be one.  Raising the prices by $50 and then dropping them down by $20 isn’t a sale.

Be Flexible With Dates

If your vacation dates or flexible, check the price of multiple dates before booking. Flying  a day earlier or later might be cheaper than your original days.

Be Flexible With Destinations

If you don’t have your heart set on a particular destination, shop around! Some destinations might be cheaper to fly to than others, or there might be deals to certain places. Check out Secret Flying for mispriced flights and special deals that are destination specific.

Travel With Minimum Luggage

Luggage fees are everywhere now and spreading like wildfire. Not only will traveling lighter save you time at the airport,  but you’ll save on those extra fees as well.


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Do you have any tips or tricks to finding cheap flights? Share Below!


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