How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

I’m one of those crazy people who loves everything about airports and flying. From the long lines in security to the unique airplane food, I love it all because it means that I’m going somewhere new and exciting.

However, even I, with my love affair with flying found myself dreading my first long haul flight From Toronto to Melbourne. How was I going to survive 17 hours in transit?

But I did survive, and so can you with these essential tips I picked up along the way (Hey, I had 17 hours to make good use of).

Here’s how to survive a long haul flight:


What to bring:

  • phone – load with podcasts, audiobooks, movies, games, and apps such as duolingo or google translate to brush up on some new language skills.
  • A small notebook and pen– plan your next trip, do some work or take up writing. I often try to rope my travel partners ( when I have them) into games, but they rarely bite.
  • Earphones– to watch movies, listen to music or books.


  • laptop or tablet– catch up on some work or spring for the wifi
  • e reader– I often bring my ereader loaded with books because I find my phone screen too small to really enjoy reading from


  •  Sleep– traveling through different time zones means jet leg, which takes a huge toll on your body. Get as much sleep as you can. Plus, if you have the time to kill, why not use it?  I always pack an eye mask, ear plugs and neck pillow along with some sleepy time tea to help me get some rest wherever I am. I also spray my pillow with an essensial oil mist to encourage sleep before I leave (I do this the day before so that the smells don’t bother scent sensitive people around me and only I can smell it when my nose is pressed into it.)


  • hydrate– reciruclated air seems sucks the moisture from your body. Drink water regularily to keep yourself hydrated. This also has the extra bonus of forcing you to stand up and use the rest room. This may sound like torture, but it may prevent blood clots, restless leg syndrome and poor circulation.


  • healthy snacks- plane food is ussually full of extra salt and preservatives, which will end up dehydrating you and ussually makes me feel sluggish. Pack some protein bars,  sliced fruit or even baggies of air popped popcorn for some light snacking.


  • move around– I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s extremely important to stand up and move around. Ideally you should aim to move around once every hour. This is great time killer and your legs will thank you when you land.


  • compression socks- these are not for everyone. Personally, I don’t love them, but I don’t find that I suffer from swelling during flights. I do travel with a pair just in case and know people who swear by them to prevent clots and to improve circulation.


  • Vitamins – trapped in a steal box with a hundred other sneezy, sniffling people is the perfect storm for sickness. Combine this with lack of sleep and unhealthy foods, your immune system will be in pretty poor shape. I like to pack vitamins when I travel. My favourite is a throat spray containing zinc and echinacea from my local drug store.


  • hand sanitizer – with a compromised immune system, germs are waiting to pounce on every surface. I always travel with hand sanitizer and wipes to clean the tray and armrests before settling in.



What to Wear:

  • bra optional– This is a hotly debated topic amongs my friends, but after hours of the underwire of my bra digging into me I decided traveling without a bra was the way to go for me.  Instead, I try to fly in a yoga shirt with a built in bra. Sports bras are also a good alternative if going without a bra is not an option for my beautiful curvier girls.
  •  Loose Fitting Layers- It’s pretty much scientifically proven that if you dress for cool weather, the plane will be boiling and if you dress for heat , the air conditioning will indefinitely be blasting. Loose fitting layers are the best choice no matter what the temperature.
  • Socks– I never fly in sandals. Taking my shoes on and off and walking around airport security in bare feet doesn’t appeal to me. Also, they will keep your feet warm on the plane.
  • Comfy undies-  I learned my lesson here after a 17 hour flight in a thong. Let me just say it ended up places a forgien object should never go. Now I make sure I wear comfortable, tried and true undies. Boy shorts seem to be the most comfortable in my experience, but to each their own.
  • Sanitary wipes– baby wipes or sanitary wipes ( find them with the pads and tampons) help to keep you fresh  after hours of using that airplane bathroom when a shower isn’t in sight for the next 12 hours.



  • face/eye masks- with time to kill, now is the perfect time to catch up on a beauty mask. I like to keep to transparent ones that focus on hydration so I don’t completely freak out my seat neighbours.
  • moisturize – it’s just as important to hydrate the outside of your skin as the inside. Be sure to pack a moisturizer and I always bring a face spray to freshen up as well.
  • make up remover- let your skin breathe! I always remove my make up on a flight and then reapply before I leave.
  • easy to apply make up-  As I mentioned above, I always remove and then reapply my make up during a flight to make sure that it’s fresh when I arrive. Aim for make up that’s multi tasking and easy to apply such as bb creams, blush sticks and coloured lip treatments.
  • spf- you might think you can skip your spf because your inside a plane, but you’re actually exposed to more spf than you normally would be on the ground. I love multi tasking products such as moisturizer or bb creams with spf.
  • fresh breathe – It might be hard to brush your teeth on a flight, but I always pack small travel Colgate toothbrushes and listerine strips to freshen up on flights. Don’t use the tap water in the bathroom, it’s full of germs.  Use water from a water bottle or ask a flight attendant for a cup of water to use.

Check out the 5 beauty products under $50 I use on every flight here.


Have any long distance flight tips that worked wonders for you? Share below!

Safe travels lovelies!


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