How to Travel with Your Parents

For most of us, our parents were our original travel partners. As adults, we often forget how fun it can be to travel as a family. Travelling with your parents is a great way to create lifetime memories together, but it can also be a challenging dynamic at times. Here’s how to travel with your parents as an adult:

Have a Plan

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a destination and beginning the polite stand off of ” what do you want to do?” Have a general idea of activities you want to see and do before you go so you can jump right into doing things instead of wasting precious time planning (or arguing).

Spend Time Apart ( if you need to)

You’re used to doing your own thing, and spending this much time with anyone under normal circumstances can be challenging. Don’t be afraid to plan a bit of alone time. Try an activity that they aren’t interested in and plan to meet up later in the day.

Pay Your Own Way

You’re an adult now and you need to act like it whether you’re travelling with your parents or not. Plus, how can you expect your travel dynamic to be anything more than parent/ child if you’re still acting like a child? Pay your own way. Period.

Take Frequent Rests

I don’t know about you, but when I get tired and hungry I get (gasp) grouchy. Nothing starts arguments faster than everyone getting too tired. Also, you’re parents probably aren’t 20 anymore and resting more frequently can prevent trip- ruining injuries. This doesn’t mean napping if you don’t want it to, sit at a cafĂ© and people watch!

Change Your Mindset

If you’ve travelled solo or with friends, your idea of travel might differ from that of your parents. You might be used to doing what you want when you want and have a serious case of FOMO when you’re moving too slow. Stop. You need to change your thinking. This will be a different kind of trip, not better or worse, just different. At the end of the day, you’re here to make memories with your parents. So you’re moving a little slower, who cares, you’re still visiting somewhere new and exciting, soak it up!

What are your family travel experiences? Share in the comments below!

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