Tavern on the Hill

Tavern on the Hill: Ottawa’s New Summer Hot Spot

If there’s anything I love as much as sipping a good coffee with a beautiful view, it’s sipping bubbles with one! I had recently been taken by a friend to watch the annual Ottawa Firework competition at the Tavern on the Hill and was so impressed by the sips and comfortable outdoor patio furniture ( Hello wicker sofas!), that I had to come back on my own so that I could share it with you lovelies .

Prosecco and Hotdogs at Tavern on the Hill

The subtle aroma of late summer blossoms swirl hypnotically beneath the twinkling light adorned trees under which I sit. I take a bite of “the German,” a sourkrut and pickle dressed gourmet hotdog I carefully selected from a list of many unique flavours and admire the statuesque silluhette of the parliament buildings across the Rideau river. I have joined the flocks of tourists and locals that are taking advantage of Ottawa’s new summer hot spot, The Tavern on the Hill.

Sipping my admittedly unconventional pairing of prosecco, I have to admit that I now understand the unrelenting lines to order. Hotdogs, ice cream and a wide selection of wines and beers are available, with hot dogs ranging from $2.75  for “The Classic” and up to $7.99 for the more elaborate offerings.

The romantic vocal throws of Billie Holliday give the outdoor patio a lounge feel, with casual vibes of a budget friendly tourist stop during the day and an upscale haunt to sip wine with locals at night. Located at the far end of Majors Hill Park behind the National Gallery of Canada, the location is definitely worth a visit on a bike ride by or as a destination all its own.

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