The 10 Travel Apps I Can’t Live Without

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With technology such a part of our everyday lives it can sometimes distract from being truly in the moment during our travels, but it can also be a huge benefit!  Although I try to be as present as possible, there are some travel apps that are just too convenient not to use.

Here are the 10 ¬†Travel Apps I Can’t Live Without:

1) Google Maps

The best part is that you can download maps to use offline when your exploring new places! I also use it to check out street views of potential accommodations before I book.

2) Google Translate

This is a travelers dream! Not only can you speak into it and have it instantly translated aloud for someone to hear ( and vice versa) it can read text in photographs as well, perfect for difficult menus.

3) Trip Adviser

Although reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt, if there is a common complaint then I have an idea what to expect at possible accommodations. I also sometimes use it to get helpful hints from people who have visited places before.

4) Uber

Many big cities now offer Uber services so they are readily available and often more handy to book than a taxi. There is the added bonus of having driver reviews so you know who you’re getting into a car with. Just be careful that the licence matches the one you were given. If you receive a phone call changing the car, DO NOT get in it. This is a common scam.

5) Air BnB

Easy to book accommodations with the click of a button. I love getting a local feel to a place and exploring different neighbourhoods. Just be sure to read reviews.

6) Skyscanner

I use this along with Google flights to compare flight costs of various airlines, but book directly through the airline afterwards.

7) Duolingo

Perfect for learning a new language on the go and gives you something to do on lone plane rides.

8) The Podcast App

I’m obsessed with podcasts! I always download as many as I can to listen to on the plane.

9) Google Trips

Keeps all of your travel information in one place. You can manually enter plans, or it can read them from your Gmail account and add them automatically. As with anything, don’t fully rely on one method to remember important or expensive plans that you don’t want to miss.

10) Audible

Audio books on the go, yes please! This saves room in my luggage by letting me carry all the books I want on my phone.

Are there any travel apps that you can’t live without? Let me know by commenting below!

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