What to do in a Place You Don’t Like

What to do in a Place You Don't Like by Coffee and a View

You spent months planning the perfect vacation. You made lists and overflowing Pinterest boards, you told all of your friends about your amazing plans, but when you get there something doesn’t feel right. You’re in this amazing place, but you’re not loving it like you thought you would.

Girl, you are not alone! So many of us have experienced disillusionment with a place we’ve dreamt about visiting. Maybe you had a few bad experiences that set the trip off on the wrong foot, maybe Instagram made it seem like something it wasn’t, whatever the reason, don’t let it ruin your trip!

Here’s what to do if you find yourself in a place you don’t like:

1) Change Your Attitude

There’s a lot in this world we can’t control, the one thing we an control is how we react to these situations. You might not love where you are, but you can absolutely find something you enjoy; even if that’s just staying in your hotel and watching local TV all day.

2) Enjoy Your Hotel

Just because your not enjoying where you are right now, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great day! Order room service or head down to the hotel bar if there is one. Explore any amenities you have or any activities offered through the hotel itself. If you’re in an Air Bnb try using this time as a stay home day, get some local food to cook and enjoy a relaxing day to yourself to recharge.

3) Talk to Friends Back Home

We all need support to get us through tough times and travel is no different. Skype or chat to friends and family back home. Tell them about your trip so far. Sometimes reliving your adventures through a new perspective helps you to find the joy in them where you couldn’t before.

4) Take a Tour

Tours are a great way to meet new people, get you out of your room and out of your slump. It also allows you to see the destination from the eyes of a local and discover what they love about it. Maybe you’ll discover something that you enjoy as well.

5) Remember That You’re Not Here Forever

Sometimes the days feel longer somewhere you’re not enjoying, but you’re not stuck here forever! Chances are you have plans to head somewhere else next, and if you truly are miserable, nothing is keeping you here. It might cost a little extra, but you can always leave early if that feels right to you.

6) Plan Your Next Destination

Use your downtime here to get excited about somewhere else! One of the downsides of being disillusioned with a place you are visiting is that it can dampen your love of travel and that’s a love affair that you’ve probably had for years! Use this time to get excited about it again.

Travel is never perfect and you are going to have good and bad days just like at home, this is especially hard when you are on the road or alone.  You’re not going to love every person you meet, so why would you love every place you visit? If you find yourself somewhere that you’re not loving, hang in there and know you’re not alone!

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