What To Do In Amsterdam Outside Of A Bar

Amsterdam is known for it’s incredible nightlife. Tourists flock here from all over the world to sample its bars, clubs, and its coffee houses. But this is not all Amsterdam has to offer.

You can still very much enjoy Amsterdam even if the nightlife scene doesn’t always excite you. There are still plenty of things to do in Amsterdam outside of a bar.

Art Museums

Amsterdam is home to many museums and galleries, making it an impressive and unexpected cultural hub. I would recommend the Van Gogh museum to start. Whether you are a fan or not, a visit here might just change your mind.

Take an Architecture Walk

Join a tour, download a self-guided tour, or simply explore Amsterdam on your own. The city is filled with impressive buildings, impeccably designed walkways, gardens and alleyways. Attempt to get lost for an afternoon.

Explore a Market

Tulips, fresh foods, and of course cannabis plants were only some of the treasures to be found here.

Anne Frank’s House

The reach of WW2 was extensive and the Netherlands is no exception. Anne Frank’s House is where she and her family hid during the Nazi invasion and it is a sobering reminder of the lives that were forever changed because of the war.

If you do plan on visiting, try to get your tickets in advanced as the lines can be very long. Also, be aware that the house is mostly bare as the curators want the focus to be on the people and their lives, rather than the furnishings.

Rent a Bike

Biking is huge in Amsterdam! I would imagine that if you are not careful when looking both ways that there might be a higher probability to be hit by a person on a bike than a motorist. Join the masses of daily local commuters and pedal your way around the bridges and laneways as you explore the city.

Day Trip

Rent a car or join a day trip outside of the city. Popular destinations are the tulip fields of Lisse in the spring, seeing the world famous windmills of Kinderdijk, and visiting the bustling business city of Rotterdam.

Boat Down a Canal

Many companies offer canal cruises or boat rentals. Add a new unique dimension to your travels by exploring the city from a different perspective.


Shopping in Amsterdam was unlike anything that I had expected. Live DJs at the shops, trendy locals, and high fashion were in excess. If you are looking for local finds, Delft shops (the blue and white painted pottery and decor) are in abundance.

Stay In a Houseboat

I love having unique experiences when I travel. Staying in a houseboat while in Amsterdam still tops my list as one of my favourites.

Staying in and lounging in your rented houseboat on one of the many waterways in this city is a good alternative to the late night parties. Watching the excitement through the very large windows was still satisfying on these down days.

Find out how you can stay in a houseboat here. 

Sample Cheese

Please don’t judge but I am still dreaming about that Gouda! You can spend hours wandering from shop to shop for the samplings. There is just a freshness to it here that cannot be replicated. Remember to check for airline restrictions before you pack too much to bring home.



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