What to do in Seville

beautiful pink blossoms bloom in front of a multicoloured mosaic bridge in Seville

4 Places Worth the Hype ( and 3 Places that Aren’t)

Like any popular city, Seville has so many attractions that are on everyone’s bucket lists, but not all of them are worth your time and money. Here’s what to do in Seville ( and what you can skip).

See it!

Royal Alcazar

This was my favourite place in Seville by far. Built in the 11thC by the Moorish Dynasty, this palace is one of the oldest still in use in the world. The gardens are beyond impressive and the palace is reminiscent of its Moorish heritage, making you feel as though you were in Morocco instead of Spain. That isn’t even touching on the Game of Thrones filming locations on the palace grounds that fans will recognize as Dorne.

Las Setas (the mushrooms)

I was pleasantly surprised with Las Setas! Before visiting I didn’t have much of a desire to see the wooden structure locals dubbed ” the mushrooms,” but for a mear 3 E to the top impressive city views await. Try to time your visit here for sunset for an extra treat.

Plaza De Espana

This Curated plaza built for the 1928 Worlds Fair feels like you’re stepping into a perfect world of what you might imagine Spain to look like. Colourful bridges, impossibly large flowers and even tiny rowboats to dot the circular “river” running around the outside of the square. Just be aware that the building is now used as government offices, so this is a view only experience, but still worth the view!

Santa Cruz

The historical Jewish quarter of the city makes for the perfect place to get lost. Tremendously narrow streets wind past hidden couryards, blooming gardens and endless colourful storefronts. It’s easy to forget the fast pace of the modern city in the echoes of shoes on ancient cobble stone.

Skip It!

The Cathedral

I know this is not going to be a popular opinion, as the Seville Cathedral is the largest one in Europe; however, I found that a direct catering to tourism has really taken away from the majesty of the building. Large signs and exhibits inside really detract from the architecture and make what was once an impressive interior feel much smaller and less ordain than it really is. The building itself really is something to see, but I’d save the high ticket price and long lines by simply view it from the outside.

Torre del Oro

With all the architecture you could see in this historic city, this is one you can skip. One small tower on the banks of the river is not worth going out of your way to find and small stature of the statue makes a trip to the top hardly worth while.

Tapas in Santa Cruz ( on main streets)

Okay, I know I said Santa Cruz was a place you need to see, and it is! The oldest part of the city really feels like you’re walking through time with winding, narrow streets and hidden gardens. However, the popularity of the neighbourhood with tourists seems to have brought with it many over priced tapas bars that aren’t half as good as other places in the city. Take a stroll through the neighbourhood, but step off of the main drag for the best tapas tastings. The best places are always smaller, hidden gems away from the major hustle and bustle.

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