What to Pack for a Cold Climate

It has been a particularly cold winter in North America this year, with windchills in Canada feeling like -40 C.  At that temperature, frostbite can occur in less than 10 minutes and fashion choices move from being accessories to necessary safety equipment.

If you have never experienced winter in a cold climate it can be difficult to know what to pack and the wrong choices could mean putting yourself in a dangerous situation if unprepared.

Here’s what you should pack for  an adventure in a cold climate.

Hat: Depending on the temperature, I often opt for earmuffs or a stylish headband. But if you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors or if there is an extreme cold warning, a hat will keep you warmer by letting less heat escape.

Warm mittens: Thin gloves won’t cut it in this climate, especially if you are planning on spending time outside. Traditional mittens keep your hands the warmest. I love cute hand-knitted ones for an added style look.

Scarf/Neck warmer: Any exposed skin has the possibility of getting frostbitten. A warm scarf is not only stylish, but will prevent this. If you are skiing, opt for a neck warmer instead so that the ends of the scarf don’t get tangled around something.

Warm jacket : We all love long, fashionable jackets, but they are not made for the extreme cold. Opt for something with down (feathers) and a hood.  Read the tags to be sure that the jacket is made for cold temperatures as it will often provide climate conditions.

Warm boots : Aim for something waterproof and with a high cut to keep the snow out. Look for wording such as good in temperatures up to ____C.

Thick socks : Thick wool socks are the warmest, however any thick socks will do. I love classic style socks at Roots.

Warming up with a hot chocolate is a must in cold weather.















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